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In each episode, Leslie teaches her husband how to be a romance hero by describing a single chapter of the bodice-ripper Silken Bondage.

The "Royal We" on the Terrace

Terrace Trash

We go deep inside the class wars of dinner vs. supper, always assume Adam’s boxers are dirty, Johnny starts to get jealous, Nan thinks Johnny is an animal, the chapter treads into dark territory that really upsets Leslie, Johnny’s sexual stamina is called into question, rape as a plot device needs to stop, this episode is not of the "Donna Martin Graduates" variety.

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Adam's Notes

Gramma’s always doing the supper, meals are confusing, mit-tag dessen is an STD that you get in the middle of the day, Malcom/Ronald are we splittin’ hairs here, a little land dog hunt, why women aren’t interested in information, everybody has to make wardrobe compromises, Johnny Roulette is Ehrlich Bachman, i still love my older wife, lots of things get tossed (salads and opinions), listen better, Nan wants us to suffer, I’m going to say hi to Bjork, unconscious sexality of rape, you logic raped me, every woman loves a subduer.


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