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Trigger alert: if you suffer from misophonia, skip the first minute of this episode. We start off with a beet tangent, Leslie shares her vampire strategy, Bella teaches us what not to do with a puncture wound, shock overpowers what you know, we speculate about how vamps taste.

We really miss Tony Scott, Adam makes a good point about the fire the vamps build to burn James, Edward can’t stop sucking, Bella’s codependency grates on everyone, Adam outlines the rules for montages and voice-over narration, Adam continues to embrace his Eagles lifestyle..

Adam's Notes

Video camera uploading, wolf with jack, lazy hunter, easy killinLeslie swallowed for once, we got a diaper drawer, last summer-last summer?, life of beets, once you pop bella’s skin tube you can’t stop, men on strings never look good, LesMD not more is an amateur doctor.


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