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The Tables Turn

Johnny did a great job designing the dress, Nevada doesn’t know about Guy Fawkes, Nan drops some serious advice for not letting people know you’re dumb, Adam considers going on the road for a one man show, bosoms and bodices are back, Nevada meeting Queen Victoria is similar to Adam meeting the Captain of the Norwegian Breakaway, Johnny and Nevada make the papers, the tables turn.

Adam's Notes

Thank you Nan (for adverbs?), been awhile since we’ve had a bosom, that’s not John Denver, epic fail, Leslie doesn’t know when we were married, being drawn and quartered is for the living not the dead, Romance-opedia entry: goin’ at it for 7 years, ask no questions and pretend you have the answers, Queen Victoria is a lesbian, dumpy is a two-pronged attack [the shocker], black sails, butterscotch discs and caviar are two great tastes that taste great together.


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