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romansplaining twilight podcast episode 229

The Game

Adam’s mustache ride experiences technical difficulties, Leslie’s Apple Watch was targeted by Adobe, Adam suggests that the Cullens should have played a game of polite chicken, Adam gets a point for listening, case due is not the same as K. Stew.

Adam proposes a theory about why Edward could leave his window open, we wonder how Edward makes semen, poop blankets protect you from cockatiel poop, we create some pod magic, Adam sheds light in the complexities of wire work.

We discover an inside joke between K. Stew and R. Patt, there are some big problems with Edward taking Bella on a spider monkey ride, Louis L’Amour would not approve of the tracking scene. Leslie shares her tactic when she feels scared and alone in the woods.


Adam's Notes

You You had me at government information session, you are a paranoid psycho, three gouches is not a charm, bella’s gotta swallow, the lines are small, don’t know when did the cap tradition start, life is a giant circle of fluid exchange, you’d be more cool hand Lukeie.


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