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Romansplaining Episode 218


Leslie “buds” Adam and no one likes it, Adam is really wanting some iTunes reviews, Leslie continues her quest to try to get Adam to understand the format of the podcast and fails, another episode of “Let’s listen to Adam struggle to type,” Edward followed the green dank line of Bella’s scent, we start a new section of the podcast called “Boner Alert!”We go deep into the geographic reasons that Bella may say “holy crow” instead of “holy cow,” Adam thinks he sparkles, Adam liked Silken Bondage 1000% more than Twilight, we get a little nugget about Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Adam's Notes

Please love us and give us reviews, boing sound effect, listen better, I am a lazy mofo, she’s his dankness, wood fired chicken is the best, pork trotters, doesn’t matter.


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