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Romansplaining Episode 217

Tit for Tat

This is a long clip that starts with some dress shop discrepancies, Adam mansplains how lactation works, Leslie continues to have problems talking.

Adam doesn’t have a place to practice his driving stunts. Introducing “Daddy Edward,” Bella sucks at having a cell phone, Adam learns about Rockabilly style, you memorize the square root of Pi, Adam purged a lot of extra facts, he also has the strength to stay away from Leslie, Leslie gets all her PNW knowledge from movies and Twin Peaks, a montage helps Bella understand that Edward is a vampire.

Adam's Notes

Jules should stop taking Lactaid, you’re not tryna deal in coins, you’re lernching a charm offernsive, the cul-de-sac is not the place for stunt turns, the shit i’m doing is not making your vagina xplode, waitress has a tit tat.


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