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Legends of the Slapping Beaver

Port Angeles

We get ready for a long and important chapter, Bella’s girls from Phoenix are missing in the book but she misses estrogen, nightmare A/V guy makes an appearance, Louis L’Amour strikes again, Adam continues his quest to keep people alive in the desert.

Edward’s furious voice causes a spill in aisle 4, Adam is late for a class, we play a terrible game called “what Leslie would let Keanu spit into her mouth” and cross a line, another trope comes out, we break up for about thirty seconds, our moms experienced the 60s and 70s in wildly different ways, Joss Whedon killed us in an alternate timeline, Edward’s coat smells either like a cool breeze over the mountain or B.O., and we’ll never look at creamed corn the same way again.

Adam's Notes

We’re gettin’ scramped up, writin’ a jingle on my dingle, the Anasazi, electronic, 69bpm, Leslie is launching a charm offensive on the potential gang rapists, i learned what Keanu’s chewed-up food tastes like, pants, pungent with a hint of Whopper, Bunny is a sick panty-stealing fuck.


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