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Legends of the Slapping Beaver

Legends of the Slapping Beaver

Adam takes his sfx game to the next level, but not in a good way, we go play by play at the threesome Waylon is imagining before he gets murdered, Adam uses his sound superpowers to learn us about ADR, and we find a weird transition that might be a picture that Catherine Hardwick may have had developed at Walgreens and scanned in.

Leslie is stuck in an oxbow, there is a lot of talk going about the history of Google’s logo and web browsers, Adam got taken down into Alexa inception, legends of the slapping beaver are better than legends of the slapped testicle, we get some insight from a reputable source about ravens playing with wolves, Leslie is pretty sure that plants can feel, Russell Brand’s voice surprises Adam.

Adam's Notes:

James' ADR is right in your ears, you’re a manipulative bastard (Happy birthday), the AI will be bing-based, i can slap my testicles, the Cullens are so fucking beautiful, I’m gonna goo your doogle.


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