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A dark stallion

We break the heat-o-meter

Leslie has an idea for a romance novel, Adam wins “kiss your mom chicken” and grosses everyone out, another Pretty Woman connection, we discover the most-ignored erogenous zone, thanking is highly sexy, we have another un-official sponsor, we solve healthcare, Leslie needs a roux suitcase when she goes to her brother’s wedding, we have a real recording of our favorite catchphrase, and Adam still has no idea who Malcolm is.

Adam's Notes

Lawn Al Jureau, one thick chest hair, Harriet Stroud is amazing and familialy relevant, Nevada dries crotches off with hair dryers, my Mommy doesn’t recollect truth real good, Trumaine loves Skittles, Nevada Jones’ erogenous zone is in her armpit, the lymph nodes are the biggest erogenous zone, Johnny thanks women for their corpus when his lips get heated, moustachioed is a stupid word, the back of the knee is the southern lymph node, tongue deaf is a thing, taints taste sweet, listen better


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