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3-2-1 Contact!

Leslie doesn’t feel safe at home, Adam’s special things are lost, you need to lock the door during an active shooter drill, Nan sucks at knowing when the seasons are, the infamous Greyhound Bus story, when it’s hot, you gotta get half-naked and take a nap, hats were the order of the day, Johnny invents sexy male shorts, Nan tries to make sweaty boobs and damp groins sexy, Adam’s butthole gets a theme song.

Adam's Notes

Listen better, disabled is the preferred nomenclature, do not have yellowing lawn, the 6 foot club, flipping coins should not be a part of a love triangle, cowhide layer, Johnny Jorts, danny dukes, denise swallows, sometimes it comes dribbling out, men and women give birth together, a bodice tugger.


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