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romansplaining twilight podcast episode 236 twilight alice and jasper protect bella at hotel


We get a peek inside one of Leslie’s daily ridiculous phone calls with her family, Adam flips the script, one things is for sure, we delve into the big reasons that we are NOT keeping these kittens, Leslie raises everyone up a level.

Adam shares a very sad tale about correcting a teacher, Edward has been a 7th wheel for almost a century, We go on a philosophical tangent about addiction and suicide, Adam offers a better plan to protect Bella, Kylo is still the best, men are always being weird in the dark corners, there are some strong innuendos in this Hall and Oates song.

Adam's Notes

If I’m Swedish I might not deny that a cat has big hair, Barb is eating your hairs, I am a Neander-Tal, they call me the hunter, sometimes people aren’t creepy they’re just lonely, it’s okay to get help if you’re feeling not good.


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