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romansplaining twilight podcast episode 234 goodbyes car scene


We go deep into the early days of Adam and Leslie’s relationship, Leslie makes a connection between a skinhead skater she knew and a ramrod, driving to Phoenix from Forks is not anything a 17 year-old should be allowed to do, Jules can’t even order fries.

James’s motivation continues to be super weak. Adam shares a story about his ideal sick day at home after throwing up orange juice, family mythology surrounding divorce circumstances can lead to harsh words and broken mugs.

Adam's Notes

You didn’t use to fart a lot, I have gas and oil reserves like Russia, Jasper might put Bella’s throat in his mouth, there might be a shallot in my car, i may or may not know the origin of the word ‘ramrod’, college-aged Leslie gave some stress relief to college men, I was a reluctant jock, my penis needs a lot of room to maneuver above ground, just do shitty shit and you’ll make a million dollars.


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