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romansplaining twilight podcast episode 231 Stephenie Meyer cameo

Cameos and Camoflague

Adam’s innocent YouTube search starts some trouble, Leslie recounts a surprising story about a ripped crackhead, our ignorance about drugs is revealed, we talk about our favorite smells, Leslie attempts to explain how these episodes are decided, Leslie plans to make the best cameo in the film adaptation of her book.

Charlie is not a great cop, Phil is not a great baseball player, we get to a sexy tension part, Uncle Barry almost started a photography career, Adam might pass the Mensa test now.


Adam's Notes

T rex flying sidekick. Sound effect, you got us back to the story, veggie plate is not something you go out to dinner or lunch for, it’s not a point anymore, Bella wants her nice smells, if it was the other grandma it would be okay, we’re getting Mensa tests for vacay, i do do..


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