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romansplaining twilight podcast episode 229

The Game

Leslie adds to her notes for divorce court, there’s a chair on the roof, Pizza Hut was kind of the best in the 80s, Harry Clearwater makes some good fish fry, the Spanish Inquisition is not a good comparison to a parent asking their daughter questions.Adam’s mustache adventures border on very un-PC, we wonder why Charlie never left Forks.

We discuss Stephenie Meyer’s follow-up catalogue, we contemplate the intentions of bouncing from Edward to the male manicurist, we are left wondering “what’s going to happen with these vamps?” Adam begs for some undies.


Adam's Notes

You keep teasing me, you can see a chair on the third roof, Harry Clearwater dies, you don’t want that little green eye looking at you, death stalks us, there’s no reason to stay in Wyoming, Midnight Sex Book, Bella don’t science, you had a guy.


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