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romansplaining twilight podcast episode 227


You make-a my dreams come true, Leslie hates music, Kelsey's mom was single-handedly responsible for New Coke, Leslie listened to waaay too many episodes of David Dobrik and Jason Nash’s podcast.

We give ourselves sponsors, Leslie’s mom created a dance move called the digger. Adam continues to try to escape, we talk about hot cars in the 90s, the podcast takes a dark turn, Leslie shares her vegetarian-astrology theory, polyphasic sleeping can get you in trouble, Adam gives waaay TMI (trigger alert), we are approaching Adam’s favorite part of the book--thunder feel the thunder!


Adam's Notes

Carlysle is the blue-eyed soul man of this book, i get a dog bone for dinner, i bake meat better than GG, don’t sleep outside the boss’s office, i’ve drank more than one person’s blood.


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