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Adam might get Leslie banned from working from home on Fridays, Adam’s obsession with Total Eclipse of the Heart continues to annoy everyone, drinking out of the carton is narsty, the technology of making sandwiches on cutting boards changes lives.

We wander off-track on a mononucleosis tangent that starts in Germany and ends at the drive-in, Leslie lays out her preferred future-scape, we have an episode of “Go outside,” Twilight was a terrible mistake, Leslie’s grandfather coins a family phrase, Adam has Leslie contractually bound to this relationship, Adam is picky about putting things in his mind palace, Cougar alert!

Adam's Notes

Sexual intercourse is an all day event, where the fuck are you going to make your sandwiches, leslie’s vestigial tail wags a bit, time flies, ricky has a green apple in his mouth, your new neature lifestyle, the future is grassy, grandpa has a poop hose..


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