Scary Stories


We don’t spoil Chinatown, no one is reading the book along with us and no one wants to be a guest on this show, dial up technology is really slow, Adam gets really excited about getting a point.

Clumsy girls probably shouldn’t go for walks alone in the woods, Leslie’s best hair days were in Las Vegas, Adam goes a little Philly by saying “two tree four,” potato chips are way better in the desert, bugs in our dill, We have different philosophies on saying “I love you,” Bella gets ready to leave Forks for a big trip to Port Angeles.

Adam's Notes:

We did not spoil Chinatown for anyone, Edward does not suck the blood out of his own penis, i know i fucking need you more than ever, i got 2 points for saying “vampire," dill weevils, saying i love you is a tricky mistress.

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