Adam and Leslie as Jacob and Bella

The “Crowded” Beach

Lexi Smelch takes over hosting for this episode, Adam better get his panties buckled, Adam fails to make a case about the beach being “crowded,” Let's be clear: Adam thinks two people surfing makes a crowded beach.

Adam thinks Jacob is the best actor in the movie so far, we think about forming a band, “pale faces” is a terrible descriptor, we have no idea what this aquatic creature is that boy chases girl with twilight beach scene, and we finally meet the antagonists.

Adam's Notes:

My chastity belt prevents me from doing too much, La push is a word, Quill you wute is not how you pronounced it, the curse of knowledge rears its ugly head, it IS a crowded beach, the palest of faces, the jaundiced snails grow bigger in the northwest, hats may or may not have been the oder of the day, the supremes kick ass, f t and s are weird consonants to say in a row, your giant clitoris is over now…

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