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Adam doesn't know basic biology, we call on Dr. Dawn to weigh in, we unpack why women get excited over mystery and being ignored.

In high school, Leslie was a weirdo trapped in a cheerleader body, Adam lists all of Leslie's friends by name, we go back in time to 19 years ago this week when Adam was wooing Leslie, we don't know who Sadie Hawkins is, we go on a Karate Kid tangent, men with self-control are very sexy, Bella and Edward are going on a date.

Adam's Notes:

Dr. Don, I do not prefer the premature ejaculation nomenclature, a horror trifecta, leslie is all beautiful and shit by her own admission, melissa stebler simon, doing leslie a solid by taking her to a movie, intentional mystery, i don’t know who sadie hawkins is, you can’t have 2 barries, and Mr. Miagi is the best around.


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