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Open Book

Open Book

Adam doesn’t remember the Moonlight Gambler, Leslie slips into her Toledo accent too many times, we go deep into step-dad talk which ends uncomfortably, Adam gets a point, Italians and Brits name their kids Gerald, we find out what it sounds like when middle aged authors use pop culture quotes from their own teen years, there really is a Thriftway in Forks, small towns really don’t like strangers, Edward is back and his voice is musical, girls can’t science, laughing at an almost-accident is a dick move.

Adam's Notes:

The moonlight gambler is not a boat it’s a person, Leslie’s nicknames for Adam keep getting worse, Jodie Nye, Jones is a Britty name, getting into the weeds with 1978 movies, an episode of Great Survival Bits, we are going to visit many grocery stores, the things we will never talk about, epic fatherly hotness, Thriftway is a real grocery store, I hate Leslie’s electricity advances,


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