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Silken Bondage Cover

Johnny Roulette is Back in Town

Johnny and Nevada board the final boat of this boat-ey book, Adam is anxious to get to the details of the wedding and can’t believe BJ Jones isn’t coming back, Adam shares his dreams of an Andy Kaufman-esque performance art project, another love connection is solidified, we learn that sex is not limited to nighttime, Leslie gives Adam what he wants--a BJ Jones reunion, we say goodbye to Johnny and Nevada, we provide some strategy for our listeners who want to rate our podcast, and Adam finally listens!

Adam's Notes

Everybody’s coming, brain eating amoebas are a hearty creatures, BJ Jones attends the wedding, a list of possible things to do in my life, sex can be exciting especially in the daytime, and naturable is a word now, make some chicken wings and listen better.


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