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Wil Wheaton

Fires of Passion

Adam continues to fight the Quincy naming reality, Leslie confesses some things from her childhood, Adam tries to coin a new term, Johnny joins the high-stakes poker game on the John Hammer steamboat while Nevada is at the ballet, buttholes are back in town, Leslie impresses everyone with her extensive Star Wars and Star Trek knowledge, Adam is a natural hero, we question the meaning of 8 to 5 odds.

Adam's Notes

I already don’t understand, tv static smells like ozone, Leslie was a feral cat, Lester’s gotta stay busy, the shit room has all the shit, bowels are really hot, these are the blue years, bowellet, peppermint jo-jo, re-butthole-ing the podcast, Wil Wheaton hasn’t aged a bit, Leslie has deep deep star wars knowledge, I am a true hero, Johnny’s eyebrows get hero singed, how to navigate a smoke-filled room, listen better, wo-mansplaining, and the foyer is strong with this one.


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