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Adam, Leslie, Eminem, Haley Joel Osmet as the Griswolds

Kiss Your Johnny Goodbye

Johnny begins his epic one-and-a half chapter struggle, Nevada doles out some potent sexual tonic, we invent a new podcasting format, Johnny’s love is finally defined in chapter 39 of the Book of Nan, we time travel back to Adam’s film school days, sometimes authors don’t feel like writing parts of a story, the best episode of solid gold quotes occurs.

Adam's Notes

Going at it for 7 years, Marshall Mathers/Eminem, I invented Eminem, teats all the way down, the mighty Jessissippi, audiomojis, a second john, solar plexus is a real punch, marriage is the worst punishment, Silken Bondage does not pass the bechdal test, and let’s just call it the jackhammer.


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