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A dark stallion

Find Johnny Somebody to Love

Adam educates us on the “Magical Negro” trope, Old Jess gets sick, Adam’s crazy re-naming of characters creates a whole new storyline, we finally get an info dump to fill in Johnny’s backstory, Leslie finally gets sick of Adam’s ridiculousness, faro vs. farina, celebrities look weird in real life, Leslie gets some respect for Laura Dern, Adam gives himself a point, and it’s almost impossible to drive the last point of this chapter home.

Adam's Notes

Leslie doesn’t know what she’s doing, a big naked man is a bonus, Hank still can’t play an intro to Solid Gold Quotes, Old Jess is not a Magical Negro, our 3 month ago selves were so stupid, Quincy and BJ were a progressive gay couple in the 1860s who adopted Nevada, patient bathing, Nevada has a couple black friends, we finally get some exposition, I know a lot of women who would touch Ellen, Nevada Jones had three Dads.


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