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A dark stallion

Smoking and Watching

Adam makes some out-of-this-world predictions for the last few chapters, we wonder where "it" is since it's neither here nor there, Trumane Benedict is a new character that Adam invents when he can't remember Malcolm's name, Johnny is smoking cigars and watching Nevada, Harold Stroud makes another cameo, the mechanics of cantering, and don't ever take a woman's ice cream.

Adam's Notes

Know-nothing stupid man, star bondage is the sequel, haught is the preferred nomenclature, this book is about IBS, shag carpet is good for shaggin’, women’s strength is based on anger, Trumaine Benedict/Malcom basically the same, Leslie follows the literary trades, when people think of poop they think of me, denying rapey storylines, Denise the Piece is Nevada’s BFF, Johnny Roulette has been walking down into the blackness, gems can wank, counter cantering, i gotta eat some more lead, Nevada does not need to be cooling off she needs to be heating up, ice cream theft is more serious than rape-iness, mindside.


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