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Adam and Leslie as Frankie and Annette in Back to the Beach

The Fashion Episode

Leslie tests out a new intro to help new listeners, Adam gives us a lesson on the history of Oregon, wedding planning ramps up, we learn about Miss Annabelle’s fantasies about King Cassidy and Leslie’s fantasies about Keanu, Adam evaluates Johnny’s personal style, Caitlyn does not want to be a guest on our show, Leslie breaks some news about BJ Jones.

Adam's Notes

A failed intro, Bunny digs a hole in the blankets, listen better, don’t-care-feels-good as a mumu, it’s very hot in new orleans this time of year, oregon is suspicious, women can’t do the things that men can do as good as men can do those things, tom cruise and Keanu Reeves are basically the same person, listen better, skimpy tittle, derrier drawers, Leslie doesn’t approve of my stuff today, Johnny Roulette wears the worst clothes, Denise the Piece is Nevada’s older brother, Caitlyn the teleprompter did not give us our permission, listen better, episodes of bad bits are not welcome.


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