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Guido Shot First

We discover the secret to slowing down life, Americans are totally ripped off when it comes to nap time, Leslie considers taking out a Craigslist ad, Adam is basically as famous as Philip Baker Hall, Having Showtime in the 80s forced Leslie into being a European Vacation person, Leslie screws up her Star Wars joke, Nan might not have all the best words, and Adam had all the best pipes in the late 90s.

Adam's Notes

Blouzy vs. blousy, Leslie has the wrong [poopdeck] podcast, Johnny Roulette is like a cockroach that doesn’t see color, how to slow down your life, lollipops up your ass, the best Rusties and Audries, conjuring the images, laying the seeds like a pearl necklace, Guido shoots first at BoboFat and Han, and my favorite game.


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