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Mystery in the Garçonnière

Adam’s identity becomes entwined with the awooga horn, we go deep into the meaning of the phrase “when push comes to shove,” Adam gets 5 points, we meet some new characters, Quincy Maxwell is happy to be a sexless widow whose son is one of the most eligible bachelors in St. Louis, Nevada arrives in St. Louis for Denise Ledet’s New Year’s Eve party, we have a moment of silence for Roger Moore, and there’s a mystery in the garçonnière.

Adam's Notes

Kristen Schaal is a horse, solving the mystery of the push v shove, only Adam knows what’s going on in this book, hot dark cloistered sensations, Leslie wins at geography, Leslie’s autobiography “notes and quotes”, things moved slower in the past.


Kristen Schall is a horse

Referencing the Radio Lab episode, Loops where they play a clip of Kristen Schall and Kurt Braunohler's infamous skit. In the skit, Kurt claps his hands and repeats the phrase "Kristen Schall is a horse, Kristen Schall is a horse, look at her dance, now look at her go, now look at her dance like a horse" so many times that the audience goes through an emotional rainbow of humor, fatigue, anger, confusion, and finally acceptance and hysterical laughter.


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