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Slick & Sliding Satin

Heat-o-meter cranks up to 9, we capture Adam’s slow, sexual smile and post it to Snapchat, debating about swelling breasts, kinky chair sex is not as good in reality, the late 80s were very hairy, defining tumescence, Leslie would snug-snug with a tardigrade, grinding is very aggressive, Nevada is turned on by sweat droplets poised on chest hair.

Adam's Notes

Cooter punch-cooter punch, bashing brains in with high heels, slick slatin slowly slides, chocolate rain, Adam’s slow sexual smile, a magic wand in his dark hand, framboise deviosa, breast tides ebbing and flowing, carpet stains v rug burns, the Magnum Effect, tumescence, gummy bears bouncing here and there and everywhere while on coke, Johnny’s tuned into the moisture, full impalement and lots of impalement, need more nipple sweat.


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