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The Yawning Episode

Leslie has gone through phases of punctuality, Ki-Jana Carter ordered a cheesesteak from Leslie, Adam is nice not noice, Edward and Bella are out kinda like Adam and Leslie when they starting dating, we discover an opportunity the filmmakers missed. 

Camille would need a soaking tub of sunscreen if she lived in Arizona, Leslie’s favorite extra plays prominently in this scene, Adam might be turning into Tony Clifton, Leslie might be Norman Wexler, we find out what it takes to become a vampire in the Twilight universe, dickies are not intimidating.

Adam’s office might have a gas leak that makes Leslie yawn, Adam gives us a titbit, another #boneralert, light as a feather stiff as a board, Adam was born and raised on the pond.

Adam's Notes

I lied to Sue Paterno, women what are they good for, when all you want to do is put a bag on a shelf everything is a bag, will Leslie commit Adam’s titbits to long term storage, an extension cord is a neighborly gesture, everything is black.

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