May 31, 2018

Port Angeles

We get ready for a long and important chapter, Bella’s girls from Phoenix are missing in the book but she misses estrogen, nightmare A/V guy makes an appearance, Louis L’Amour strikes again, Adam continues his quest to keep people alive in the dese...

May 28, 2018

Legends of the Slapping Beaver

Adam takes his sfx game to the next level, but not in a good way, we go play by play at the threesome Waylon is imagining before he gets murdered, Adam uses his sound superpowers to learn us about ADR, and we find a weird transiti...

May 25, 2018


We don’t spoil Chinatown, no one is reading the book along with us and no one wants to be a guest on this show, dial up technology is really slow, Adam gets really excited about getting a point. 

Clumsy girls probably shouldn’t go for walks alone in t...

May 23, 2018

The “Crowded” Beach

Lexi Smelch takes over hosting for this episode, Adam better get his panties buckled, Adam fails to make a case about the beach being “crowded,” Let's be clear: Adam thinks two people surfing makes a crowded beach.

Adam thinks Jacob is the be...

May 21, 2018

Scary Stories

Adam is in the market for some new sound effects, we briefly consider making the podcast Edie-friendly, Adam does not like Leslie’s relationship with Bun-Bun, Suburbans are BFCs, Lauren’s nastiness begins.

Jacob joins the story in the book and is o...

May 18, 2018

The Apple of Temptation

Adam grosses everyone out, there’s a weird scene in this movie that has no purpose, we swoon over the deliciousness of Vermont water.

You only have nine years to get stuff done, targeted ads are scary and useful, we go a little too deep i...

May 16, 2018

Blood Type

We start off talking waaay too much about Florida, Leslie really screws up her Jesus impression, Adam is no match for Keanu.

Leslie discovers a new way to make Adam listen better, we explore why a dangerous man is sexy, the movie left out an entire ch...

May 14, 2018


We reveal the truth about Sadie Hawkins and it’s worse than we thought, the movie really starts to diverge from the book, Mike Newton is full of fiber, we learn more about Adam’s Footloose high school and his sad senior banquet.

Sometimes non-regional...

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